Ep 183_Summer Report

Wow, summer is over.

I’m back home and had a very productive summer vacation.  Today is simply a report of what we did and my unique perspective on vacation homes.

In short,  We worked the whole time.

Improvements included a new roof, ridge vent, window well, electrical outlets, switch and outlet plates installed, refinished closets, rooms painted, landscaping and graded dirt…, and took down a 60 ft maple…and split ALL of the wood by hand…this and some more I’ve forgotten is what my summer vacation was all about.

Fun, right?

ep 183_Summer Report


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Summer Report

Just got back from the vacation house.  I worked very hard on the old place this summer.  A new roof, took down some trees, refinished the front door, some electrical and paint…and little things like installing a new window well, and I had a full summer.  I took  about 4 days off all summer…and found the time to teach vacation bible school as well.

I have a lot to share and discuss, so podcasts will be upcoming.

I hope you all had great summers, and I look forward to speaking with you all very soon.

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have been working feverishly on the homestead this summer desite being pretty sick.

Painting rooms. Stripping doors. Painting doors. Planting trees. Digging hole filling holes. Writing. Plumbing. Electrical. Structural. Im exhausted…and loving every minute of it. Teaching vacation bible school again. Cant wait. Can wait for my real teaching job to start. Loving summer.

Very hot where i am


please excuse the typos, but im on the road and typing on my iphone.

educating family on gun use and we have another proud gun owner in it. A .45 has a new home and 300 rounds of ammo for practice and defense to boot. Help your family and share skills you have w them.

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<iframe src=”http://astore.amazon.com/homestdivide-20″ width=”90%” height=”4000″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

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Update on My Podcast and Site

I haven’t gotten a lot of podcasts out to you lately.  I thought I was just tired from all of the work, but there’s more to it.  It turns out the fatigue was a symptom of me being sick.  So, I’ve been working through a battery of tests and am undergoing a lot more.  I tell you this ONLY because I don’t want you to think I don’t care about my listeners and my podcast.  On the contrary, I care very much.  That is why I am sharing this VERY personal information about me being very sick.  I’ve been fighting it for well over a year now and we hope to find out the cause this summer.

But the podcasts will continue…

Thanks for listening!


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Ep 182_Preventing Fire in the Garage

Most of us store flammables in our garage and most of our garages are attached or an integral part of our houses.  That means our houses are at risk.

Today we will look at minimizing risk.

  1. Store flammable liquids in a shed or outbuilding.  Many of us keep paint thinners, cleaners, car products, and a gallon of gas for the lawnmower in the garage.  An outbuilding is a better bet. Would you rather lose the shed or the house and all your belongings.
  2. Reduce heat in the garage.  Windows should have blinds and/or coverings over them. The windows on the garage door should be tinted.  Remember, glass panels work like magnifying glasses.  The room heats up and a combustible situation is not far away.
  3. Keep the garage ventilated.  A fan or a vent will dissipate fumes and reduce the danger of fire.
  4. Keep materials in secure containers.  If chemicals mix, the results could be deadly.
  5. Reduce clutter.  Trash and unused newspapers and boxes are kindling for a fire.  When in doubt, throw it out.

Ep 182_Preventing Fire in the Garage

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Ep 181_Are Credit Cards Always Bad?

Yes credit cards are, in general, bad…but can a person with excellent financial skills use them to their advantage?  The answer may surprise you.

Yes, I know every prepper in the world tells you credit cards are bad.  But what if you had enough self-control to use them correctly and is there such a thing?

I’ll give you a for instance:

My family recently took a trip to Disneyland in California.  We made a long weekend of it.  We left in the afternoon after I finished school for the year and checked out.

We stayed three nights in Marriott Hotels where my wife’s corporate account got us three free nights because of her constant travel.  We use a Disneycard throughout the year and pay off our bills at the end of the month every month, so we have no interest charges.  Over a two year period, we saved up $800 in Disney dollars.  We used them at the park and got our entrance tickets for three, our meals, and some nice souvenirs all for free.  On Sunday, we drove to Newport Beach and spent the late morning and early afternoon. We parked on the street and our day was free.

Gas to and from LA/Orange County was about $160. Add in miscellaneous expenses and our vacation cost us well under $400 out of pocket.  If we paid cash and did the sensible thing, our trip would have been:

$400 for rooms

$800 for Disney and Souvenirs

$400 for gas and miscellaneous (a little less than)

for a whopping total of about $1600 for our weekend vacation to Disney.

Can anyone deny the deal we got for wisely using out credit.  Perhaps you disagree.

I’d like to hear YOUR perspective on the credit card conundrum

Ep 181_Are Credit Cards Always Bad_

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Ep 180_Some helpful reminders, guns and vinegar

Before you forget, make a list of everything you needed to fix around the house you learned about over winter

Plant permafood whenever you can

Self-defense thought: don’t count on a gun for self-defense you haven’t tried out.  I’ll give you the perfect example

The Ready Store has a great article on 20 uses for vinegar.  I’ll add some of my own hints.

20 Uses for Vinegar that You Never Knew
Share with Friends!

Part of being prepared is being able to repurpose and re-use items. That’s why vinegar is such a great thing!
You can use vinegar for cleaning, emergency situations, food storage and more! Take a look at 20 uses below. You can also comment below to tell us what you have used vinegar for.
1. Clear dirt off PCs and electronics
Your computer, printer, fax machine, and other home office gear will work better if you keep them clean and dust-free. Turn off your machine and wash with a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water. Wash with a cloth, not a spray bottle. You can use cotton swabs for tight spaces.
2. Get rid of smoke odor
If you’ve recently burned a steak or can’t get rid of that cigarette smell, remove the lingering smoky odor by placing a shallow bowl about three-quarters full of white or cider vinegar in the room where the scent is strongest. To get the smell out of the air, moisten a cloth and wave it in the air.
3. Wipe away mildew
Use undiluted vinegar to wipe away heavy mildew stains. Mix it with water to clean light mildew stains. You can even use a vinegar mist in a spray bottle to prevent mildew stains from forming in rugs and carpets.
4. Clean chrome and stainless steel
To clean chrome and stainless steel fixtures around your home, apply a light misting of undiluted white vinegar from a recycled spray bottle. Buff with a soft cloth to bring out the brightness.
5. Unglue stickers, decals, and price tags
Don’t you hate when you peel a sticker off of your new furniture or product and it’s still sticky from the glue? Worry no more! Use full-strength white vinegar and gently scrape it off the product. Use an expired credit card to scrape. You can also uses this solution to get glue off of glass, plastic and walls.
6. Brighten up brickwork
Have dingy bricks around your fireplace? Use 1 cup of white vinegar mixed with 1 gallon of warm water to scrub the area. Your bricks will be looking shiny and nice!
7. Revitalize wood paneling
You can also use vinegar to shine up your dull wood paneling. Mix 1 pint warm water with 4 tablespoons white or apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Let the mixture soak for a few minutes and then polish.
8. Remove carpet stains
You can lift out many stains from your carpet with vinegar:
  • For light stains, mix 2 tablespoons salt with ½ cup white vinegar. Rub into the stain, let try and vacuum.
  • For tough, ground-in dirt and other stains, make a paste of 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1 tablespoon cornstarch, and rub it into the stain using a dry cloth. Let it set for two days, then vacuum.
9. Keep car windows frost-free
Vinegar is a great way to keep frost from forming on your car windows. Spray the outside of your windows with a mixture of 3 parts white vinegar to 1 part water.
10. Refresh your refrigerator
Have you ever smelled a refrigerator that hasn’t been used for a long time? It’s gross! You can freshen up your fridge with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. You can use the solution to wash the interior and exterior of the fridge.
11. Steam-clean your microwave
Fill a bowl with 1 cup water and ¼ cup vinegar. Set the bowl in the microwave and cook on high for 5 minutes. Once the bowl cools down, use the solution to wipe off the walls of the microwave.
12. Disinfect cutting boards
Use full-strength white vinegar to clean wood cutting boards or butcher block countertops. This is a great alternative to dishwasher detergent because it can weaken surfaces and wood fiber. It disinfects against E.coli, salmonellsa and staphylococcus.
13. Clean china, crystal, and glassware
Have soap spots and dingy spots on your dishes after you put them in the dishwasher? Simply add a few ounces of vinegar to your dishwasher. It will prevent those hard-water stains from showing up.
14. Trap fruit flies
Did you bring home fruit flies from the market? You can make traps for them that can be used anywhere around your house by filling an old jar about halfway with apple cider vinegar. Punch a few holes in the lid, screw it back on, and you’re good to go.
15. Tenderize and purify meats and seafood
Soaking a lean or inexpensive cut of red meat in a couple of cups of vinegar breaks down tough fibers to make it more tender. You can also use vinegar to tenderize seafood steaks. Let the meat or fish soak in full-strength vinegar overnight.
16. Control your dandruff
Can’t wear those black shirts because your dandruff will show? Vinegar to the rescue! After shampooing, rinse your hair with a mixture  of 2 cups apple cider vinegar and 2 cups cold water.
17. Ease sunburn and itching
Gently rub a sunburn or rash with cotton balls or a soft cloth soaked with white or cider vinegar. Try to apply this before the sunburn begins to sting. You can use this to help treat insect bites or rashes from poison ivy or poison oak.
18. Clean your eyeglasses
When it’s more difficult to see with your glasses on than it is with them off, it’s a clear indication that they’re in need of a good cleaning. Applying a few drops of white vinegar to your glass lenses and wiping them with a soft cloth will easily remove dirt, sweat, and fingerprints, and leave them spotless. Don’t use vinegar on plastic lenses, however
19. Stop reds from running
Unless you have a fondness for pink-tinted clothing, take one simple precaution to prevent red washable clothes from ruining your wash loads. Soak your new clothes in a few cups of undiluted white vinegar for 10-15 minutes before their first washing. You’ll never have to worry about running colors again! This also works with other bright colors that you worry might run.
20. Speed germination of flower seed
You can get woody seeds, such as moonflower, passionflower, morning glory, and gourds, off to a healthier start by lightly rubbing them between a couple of sheets of fine sandpaper-and soaking them overnight in a solution of 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1 pint warm water. Next morning, remove the seeds from the solution, rinse them off, and plant them.

21.  Clean copper cookware

Vinegar in a towel can rub off the tarnish on your copper cookware.

22. Fix that itchy scalp

A vinegar rinse after shampooing does wonders for an itchy scalp and leaves the hair tingly all over

23. Combats Lice

Again, a rinse with vinegar does wonders with an infestation…we had to rinse our hair this way as children if there was an infestation in our school.

24. As a Condiment

If you’ve never tried malt vinegar-based cole slaw–you’re missing out.  It’s also wonderful on french fries and fried fish and is the preferred English condiment on fish-n-chips.

25. Salad dressing.

Vinegar with olive oil and a little good seasons or spice packet tastes better than ANY salad dressing and doesn’t have to be refrigerator..,It doesn’t cost a fortune, either.  I cannot eat store-bought Italian dressing–it tastes like chemicals to me.

26. Soothes Sunburn

This was the salve i knew growing up.  It really does draw the heat out of the skin and the flesh is left feeling cool and soothed.

Ep 180_Some helpful reminders, guns

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Car Dealers Threatened

Tesla wants to sell directly to the people and cut out the middle man.  What a great idea.  Of course dealers feel threatened.



A comment from a reader:


I test drove a Tesla. There was absolutely no sales pressure. The staffers were generous with their time, answered all my questions and not once did they ask any leading questions about placing a deposit or buying one. I gave them my phone number and received no followup calls from a sales person. What a refreshing experience. I didn’t need an $80,000+ car, but walked away so impressed I became an investor instead. Contrast that with the chain smoking shyster that is so typical of most car lots, where the only way to get a deal is fight for it, or play different dealers against one another, or to endure insufferable good-cop bad-cop games such as, “let me talk to my manager.” Consumers who don’t fight and play the game get taken for a ride. Dealerships offer virtually no value to the consumer. Their service is typically over-priced compared to local independent service company competitors. Their business model is predicated upon taking advantage of consumers at every opportunity. Tesla’s sticker price is firm, and gives consumers the freedom to say yes or no without pressure. By cutting out the dealer, Tesla customers can buy the car without the typical dealer markup. Tesla built a better car that requires a mere fraction of the maintenance of a gasoline-powered car. More money in the consumer’s pocket, and more money for Tesla to reinvest in disrupting the global auto industry for the better.

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Ep 179_Odds ‘n Ends

In Today’s Show, I’ll cover some of the things that have been on my mind lately

A trip to the gun range and how it effected my security plans

  • I never tried my wife’s gun but was willing to rely on it in an emergency.
  • After a trip to the range, I’ve discovered that my wife’s gun is a piece of junk and there’s NO WAY I will trust our family’s lives on this gun.

A review of the Sig Sauer Model 230 .380 auto

  • The magazine release is on the BOTTOM of the handle–Yuck.  Makes removing the mag awkward and dumb
  • The handle fell apart only 30- rounds into shooting it
  • Too Many Clogs (Fail to Feeds(FTF) and Fail to Ejects(FTE))
  • Even blowing wd-40 down the pipe didn’t help.
  • Yes, Sig has a great reputation, but this one just sucks.
  • This was great to learn: better to learn now than when I need it for a life-and-death situation.

IRS and why we CAN’T trust our government

Ep 179_Odds ‘n Ends

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When in Doubt, Always Trust the Government

Benghazi: 12 Things Learned


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Benghazi: Obama Gave Order to Stand Down


It was also recently revealed that the State Department hired Al-Qaeda-linked militants to “defend” the diplomatic mission in Benghazi that was later attacked. State Department officials who blocked efforts to help Americans under assault later tried to hide Al-Qaeda’s involvement in the attack.


–Alex Jones’ Infowars

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IRS ADMITS to Targeting Conservative Groups

Conservative and Libertarian Groups were targeted by IRS during 2012 but says it was NOT politically motivated.


So…you still trust your government.


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Gun Crime WAY Down, Despite Hysteria

Govt Buying Up Ammo On Purpose?

That’s what one senator suggests, as and end-around manuver to subvert the constitution and 2nd Amendment


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Ep 178_ Making Money in the Ammo Shortage

I haven’t been podcasting much lately.  Sorry about that, but I have a good excuse–I’m making a little $ (and getting goods and services via barter) from buying and selling ammo.  BECAUSE there is an ammo shortage, if you can get your hands on ammo, you can re-sell it very easily for a small profit.  I have two Wal-marts in my area that currently sell ammo at 7 am every morning.  I get there and wait in line and buy my 3 box limit.  This works much better for me than the stores that sell it at any time in the evening when the trucks roll-in.  Evening times are a problem, though: I don’t have 3-4 hours to wait in the evening.  I do have the time in the morning.  Do you?

You can do the same thing in your area.  Learn the store stocking patterns, get your 3-box limit, and get the word out to family, friends, and co-workers….THERE’S A SHORTAGE–THE AMMO WILL SELL!!!!!

Ep 178_ Making Money in the Ammo Shortage



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No Ammo, ‘Yo Mammo!’

Ammo Shortage Continues

Ep 177_Investors Ripping Gold

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