Lawn and Garden Care Calendar

I came across a couple of articles on lawn and garden maintenance from several websites. has a pretty comprehensive article. I read it and am passing it along.  Remember, if you wait too long, you’ll miss the calendar dates and throw everything off. READ ARTICLE

BetterHomesCalendar–Read Article

Me, personally…I’m not  “manicured lawn guy.”  I’m a NICE lawn guy.  I don’t douse lawns in chemicals and sprays.  I cut grass, plant flowers and grow trees.  I like an attractive lawn..but I’m not OCD about it.  I had a neighbor–no joke–who would occasionally mow his lawn TWICE in a day and would bust out the ruler and measure the grass length.  That’s creepy to me.

I like a house to look nice but I don’t want to be Mr Lawn and Garden…I want a property that produces food and provides enjoyment.  Spraying for crabgrass and spending all my time on inedible flowers to impress neighbors just isn’t me.  I’d rather impress the neighbors with a bag of pears or apples from our tress out back.  I’m definitely not a  garden party type of guy.

Remember, there is NOTHING more beautiful than a cherry tree in bloom: one that produces REAL fruit (or an apple or a pear or a whatever) outshines the prettiest flower.  Fruit trees produce beautiful flowers in spring, provide shade in summer, and yield delicious, healthy food in the fall.  Take THAT, Mr. Rose Bush.

Costco also has a good article on lawn care.  Now, of course, it pushes products it sells in the article, but the material is very informative for the average gardener.  Please remember to adjust the calendar as appropriate to your zone and simply ignore it if you live in the desert ;)


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