Foods Before Bed To Stay Warm In Survival Situation

From Backpacker
Q.} What would be the best snack to eat just before going to bed to help stay warm? Would it be something high in fat and high in calories or something high in protein because you burn more calories digesting protein, which would increase your metabolism?
Submitted by: Gary – Grand Ledge, MI
A.} What you munch on just prior to crawling into the bag on a frozen night can definitely help you sleep more warmly. I don’t think it matters much what you snack on as long as it’s high in fat. Although proteins are certainly thermogenic, they are pretty hard for the body to process and they contribute to dehydration, so they’re not as good a choice. Fatty drinks are great because the fluid is also important. You need to stay hydrated to stay warm. If it’s high in fat, it will work. I used to make a quick cup of hot chocolate and lace it heavily with real butter–but not everyone enjoyed the nightcap. Find something that tastes good to you and read the label.

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