Ep 184_ My Experience at Frontsight Gun Resort/School

Ep 184_ My Experience at Frontsight Gun Resort/School


Today I had my first visit to Front Sight.  It’s a club/resort/school designed for guns and self-defense.  For a small up-front cost, you can take all the training you want FOREVER!

I paid a small amount for my membership, it varies according to your level.  You add an annual firearms background check and you sign-up for the classes you want and schedule the time. Also, don’t pay the internet price for a membership  The website quotes an insane amount.  A member can sell you a membership for a fraction of that.


“Attend a self defense gun training course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute’s world-class firearms training facilities near Las Vegas, Nevada — taught by seasoned and professional law enforcement, military, and private citizen instructors to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards, without any boot camp mentality or drill instructors attitudes. After your first self defense firearms training course at Front Sight you will leave with self defense firearms training skills that surpass 99% of the gun owning population! This is no exaggeration. Once you’ve completed your first Front Sight course you’ll discover that you’ve become a self defense gun training expert among your peers!

But you don’t need to take my word for it, when you can see Firearms Training Testimonials from law enforcement, military personnel, and private citizens who have attended gun training courses at Front Sight.

Whether you are private citizen who is new to self defense gun training and want to learn the proper firearms training skills the right way — the first time; or you have a concealed weapons permit and want a level of firearms training that surpasses what you’ve received from your local gun training course; or you are in law enforcement or the military and have heard from your fellow officers that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the undisputed leader in providing the absolute best firearms training and is the greatest value in the gun training industry: WE HAVE THE FIREARMS TRAINING COURSES FOR YOU! I am sure of it!

In fact, if your firearms training experience at Front Sight does not exceed your expectations, I will pay for your training. You have my personal gun training guarantee!”

— Excerpt from Front Sight website


For a full listing of their schedule, just click on the Frontsight link.


I’ll give you my impressions of the class, the resort, and all things Frontsight today.

The first thing to know is that they are a first-class organization…there’s just one thing…they tell you to arrive for your first day of training at 6:30, but they don’t open the gates until 7:00.  I made the mistake of being prompt.  Never arrive before 7:00 and as most classes start at 8:00 am, a 7:15 arrival is PLENTY of time.  It was a rookie mistake, and considering I drove an hour and a half from Vegas, I wasted an hour of sleep…I won’t do that again.

The people at the gate greet you and help you get to your class.  They help you park and send you to the check-in/weapons inspection.  I just showed my membership card and let the instructors inspect my weapon.  I was directed to a spacious, modern great room where my class was conducted.  The facilities were clean and modern, and as the day went on, the instructor and the assistants were VERY helpful and hands-on.


My professional was a professional instructor from California.  He told me everything I ever wanted to know about my Glock.  We completely stripped the gun down…not a piece of metal or plastic was left connected to the frame.  We assembled and disassembled various parts several times and the day went quickly until the end.  My neighbor lost his gun’s safety pin spring and we spent 25 minutes finding it.  I gave up the final break down and reassembly to help hum…it just seemed the right thing to do.  Anyway, I had to skip that part (my choice) and collected my certificate of completion.


Does this make me a gunsmith or authorized Glock armorer? NO.  It makes me incredibly comfortable and knowledgeable about my gun.  If I had to replace a part, I feel I could do it.

Does that mean I want to take apart a perfectly running gun to fool around with it? No.  But now I have the skills and confidence to work on my gun.  And I loved every minute doing it.


Now that I have the first class under my belt, I want to actually fire a gun in a class…I’m looking into several and will give you an update and keep you posted.






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