Ep 167_Listener Email: Starting Out W/ an Orchard

Today I tackle a listener’s email about starting out.

Here’s his email:

(from Ed)

Hey it greats to listen to you every week now.  I found your show on the preppers podcast network (yes it was the show doomsday that got me interested but I have grown past that) and it is the one I enjoy the most.   I find that most of the thoughts you express are similar to my own thoughts and feelings.  So I want to say thank you!  I myself am looking to get out of town and move into the country and slowly start a farming lifestyle.  By day I am an entomologist so I hope to start by growing an orchard and raising bees.  Would you have any suggestions/pitfalls to be aware of while looking and purchasing property?  It seems daunting at the moment but at least my lady is fully on board and not only supportive but enthusiastic.  Thank you again for your show and information.

Think about:

  • Size–don’t raise bees on less than an acre
  • Southern Exposure is best (usually)
  • Are you thinking in phases or are you jumping-in and want the whole hog (giant piece of land upfront)
  • Consider a practice property of a few acres before you buy  200 acres.
  • What are you going to do with all that fruit/honey?
  • Are you going into business?
  • Are you going to be retired or are you going to continue to work?
  • What varieties will work in your area?
  • Is the land good for an orchard?
  • Is the land good in ALL 4 seasons–check and see
  • Water?
  • Are you okay with learning on the job and accepting failures?
  • Are you patient enough to wait YEARS for really seeing ANY results?
  • In-between your trees you can fill-in with berry bushes (in case you think you’re out of room to add to your property’s permafood

Ep 167_Listener Email_ Starting Out

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