Ep 164_Gardening, Gun Preps and Ideas

In Today’s show, I’ll cover some pressing issues I see for homeowners, preppers and sovereign individualists.

First, It’s SEED CATALOG TIME.  Take a look at those seed and fruit tree catalogs and get some beauties started on your property.



Why you should get a hunting license RIGHT NOW even if you don’t intend to hunt.




With pending legislation on gun control, should I buy and what should I buy?

Buy any gun you may WISH to purchase in next 4 years now.  Buy a MINIMUM of 200 rounds for your gun.  More, if possible.

What should I prioritize in LIGHT of the pending problem? What things do you need to survive for 30 days and what will go up exponentially in price in the near future.

What things should I hold off on, given a fixed income?

Hold off on preps that you really don’t need and aren’t going to go up in price in the near future.  In other words, buying a baseball bat for self-defense can wait considering its price will stay stable relative to guns and ammo prices.


Ep 164_Gardening, Gun Preps and Ideas


one liberals’ opposition to gun control

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