Ep 121: Book Review: The Foxfire Book

This book review pays homage to old-school prepping, homesteading and survival.  All three of those components can be found within the pages of this book.

You see, Eliot was a northeastern yankee who moved to Georgia to teach English.  Thinking he knew it all, he soon realized there was a lot to learn about the south and the people around him.  He became interested in tho old ways and traditions of Appalachia and began to write down what he saw and learned. The Foxfire book is the culmination of his years of research and study.  It’s a prepper’s guide and how-to book all-in-one.

Some of the wonderful skills recorded and discussed in his book are:

  • wood: types and identification of
  • tools and skills:
  • building a log cabin
  • chimney building
  • White Oak splits
  • making chairs
  • rope, straw and feathers (sleeping)
  • quilt making
  • soapmaking
  • mountain recipes
  • preserving vegetables
  • preserving fruit
  • churning your own butter
  • slaughtering hogs
  • curing and smoking a hog
  • weather signs: how to read the weather
  • planting by the signs
  • home remedies
  • dressing and cooking wild game
  • hunting lore
  • snake stories
  • moonshine as an art form
  • faith healing
  • and many others revolving around personalities more than specific skills

.Ep 121_Book Review Foxfire Book

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