Ep 105_Myths and Common Sense

Ep 105_Myths and Common Sense

Common Prepper Myths are discussed and debunked.  Survival lists are useless without perspective and common sense.

Some common myths discussed:

  • You’ll bug out and be camping for most disasters
  • Guns are the first and only need in a survival situation
  • You can hide indefinitely
  • You’ll be fine if some event happens
  • You need an SUV and Camper to survive
  • It will be just like an emergency on tv
  • I’ll have everything I need if I’m a good prepper

Some common sense discussed:

  • USE your EEB (Emergency Evacuation Bag) on a weekend getaway.  Take nothing else and see how you did.  Take notes on what you forgot.
  • Re-pack your EEB according to the seasons
  • Have a fall-back room in your house if an emergency happens.  Where should everyone meet if you hear someone banging on the door or you are in fear?
  • If you have to use your gun in a survival situation (other than for hunting) your preps/survival plans have failed.


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