Ep 092_Radiation Risk From the TSA

Ep 092_Radiation Risk From TSA

What’s the real risk form all of this TSA X-ray scanning at the airports?

Nobody knows.  Nobody knows what the long-term effects are and YOU need to know that.  These scans cause many problems:

  1. Naked body scan or pat-down?
  2. There ARE health dangers associated with radiation…any radiation.
  3. Pilots/attendants/people who live & work at altitude all get more rads.  The higher up you are, the more rads (radiation) you get.
  4. What we do know: chest X-rays are bad for you and are only used when needed, but the skin is getting clobbered with rads.
  5. FDA says body scanner rick is “miniscule”… NOT ZERO.
  6. Dr. Michael Love at Johns Hopkins says,” No exposure to X-ray is considered beneficial.  We know X-rays are hazardous.

In conclusion, protect yourself with information and make an informed decision.  Reduce your X-ray exposure as much as you can.  Weigh the inconvenience of a pat-down against the risk of radiological bombardment.  Be safe.  Be smart.  Don’t trust what the government tells you.  Do your own research.

Discovery’s article on X-ray dangers

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Science Daily:  Even Low Exposure to X-rays, Gamma Rays Increases Cancer Risk

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