Ep 077: Basic Preppers List

Ep 077_ Basic Preppers List

Over your head with preparedness and don’t know where to start?  This is THE BEST LIST for starters.  Don’t get overwhelmed. Do your best.  Protect yourself and your family.  You CAN do it!

The Basic of all Basic Checklists:

  • A well-stocked medicine cabinet
  • 1,000 in cash
  • 30-45 days of stored food
  • 3-5 days of water (stored) and several water purification  methods on-hand:
  1. filter
  2. halzone
  3. chlorine
  4. boiling system
  5. iodine
  • Weapons/self-defense arsenal:
  1. guns
  2. mace
  3. club/bat
  4. knives
  5. deterrent methods enabled
  • Back-up heat/cooking/power supplies
  • Stuff to barter and extras
  • Coms (Communications)
  1. 2-way radio
  2. cb
  3. ham
  4. cellular
  5. code and/or plan for coms for emergencies
  • Extra fuel
  • Back-up/evacuation location
  • Full camping gear
  • EEBs (emergency evacuation bags) for everybody

This plan is simple, direct, and effective.  But it’s only the beginning.  Please be sure to listen to the podcast I have on survival and preparedness, as well as the many episodes and articles on homesteading.  Homesteading skills ARE prepping skills.


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