Ep 072: Crock Pot Cooking

Ep 072_Crock Pot Cooking

Crock Pots are an absolute MUST in our household.  Some people just don’t get them.  Some people do.  A slow cooker is one of the BEST WAYS to combat fast food/junk food.  And I’ll show you why.

Slow and long becomes instant.  The fact that you set a crockpot and forget it…got to work/school…go to the mall…kill a few hours doing anything…and come home to a hot meal that’s ready means that it is instant healthy home cooked food if you get into the habit.

Some call them crockpots, some slow cookers–whatever.  There are some basic sizes and I recommend every family have at least two.

  • First: only buy ones with liftout casserole dishes if you’re buying new.
  • Second:  EVERY yard sale has a used crockpot for sale.  Start with them.  Never but one that is cracked through.  It’s ruined
  • Buy one with an automatic timer/shutoff device. Makes everything cooked but not overdone.
  • Three: Buy crockpot liners that cover the dish and make clean-up a breeze
  • Four: Have SOS pads handy to scrub baked on food if you don’t have liners.
  • Five: Trust the machine.  You are not a slave to the machine.  Go for a run.  Take a walk.  Go do something.
  • Slow-roasted food is delicious and healthy.  Much more so than the premade garbage from the stores or takeout restaurants.

From Crock-potcooking.com:

Many consider slow cookers and their many recipes to be one of today�s best cooking time saving inventions. One can prepare the ingredients, mix them into the slow cooker, and just leave the pot on all day while they are off to work or other activities associated with today�s busy life style. When you get home, your favorite slow cooker recipe will be cooked and ready to serve.

All types of foods can be prepared and cooked in a slow cooker. For example, chicken, pork, beef, all types of vegetables and even fruits will cook up great in a slow cooker. Today�s slow cooker recipes are known and loved for their simplicity – especially for the cooking time it can save.

Slow cooker recipes rely on the low cooking heat they produce to slowly cook the foods. Steam rises as the food cooks, and then circulates back within the pot to cook the food. When cooking slow cooker recipes, it is best to refrain from lifting up the lid to take a peak (when the steam escapes the temperature in the slow cooker drops and then has to be built up again � normally over a period of 20 minutes, or longer).

Typically, slow cooking recipes take all day long to cook, making them ideal for busy people who want the advantage of coming home from a long day at work, to a fully cooked meal that requires little or no further preparation.

If you�d like a better handle on how to convert oven cooking times to slow cooker cooking times, please see the section below �Converting Recipes�:

The slow cooker is considered by many to be one of today�s best time-saving kitchen appliances. They are especially good for beginning cooks, because all they have to do is fill the pot with their selected ingredients and turn it on. Hours later, they can return home to a house filled with the wonderful aromas of a fully cooked dinner, ready for the table.

Following are some basic tips to help you know and understand more about using your slow cooker.

Basic Tips
Converting Recipes
General Oven to Slow cooker Cooking Time Conversions
General Slow-Cooking Times for Specific Foods
Preparing Ingredients
For Your Health
More Tips
Tips for Slow Cooking Recipe Success
Frequently Asked Questions on Slow Cooker Cooking
More Slow-Cooking Tips

Throw away the deep fryer. 

Stop frying in a frying pan. 

Cook things in their natural juices or healthy sauces. 

Get back into roasting food. 

Get back to living.

My three favorite recipes:

1. Stuffed peppers:  Take 3-4 green peppers, cut off tops and clean out insides.  In a bowl mix raw ground beef and instant rice.  Place in peppers to top.  Place peppers in crock pot.  Add 2-3 cans of tomato soup and 2-3 cups of water.  Or use tomato sauce in place of tomato soup if preferred.  Add powdered garlic and onion to soup.  Cook on high for 2-3 hours or low for 4-6 hours.  This is the abbreviated directions.  Find one you like.

2. & 3.  Wings and soup.  Buy several pounds of whole, uncooked wings.  Place in crockpot, Add water and cook for 4-6 hours.    Remove wings from water and keep broth in crockpot.  Put wings in fridge to cool overnight and harden.  Now to broth in crock, add garlic, onion, carrots, parsley, celery, salt…and anything else you use to make chicken soup.  Cook until carrots/veggies soft.  In meantime, boil water in a pot and cook soup noodles (I like the thick “dumpling” egg noodles).  Enjoy your chicken soup for days.

Next day: Now take those chilled wings out of the fridge after letting them rest for at least 12 hours.  Start up the grill or the broiler.  Add wing sauce of choice and grill/ broil until warmed and crispy (they’re already cooked through).  Enjoy with celery and bleu/ranch dressing or as preferred.

There you go:  two meals (minimum, from one crock pot).




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