Ep 050: Current Events

 Ep 050_Current Events


Today I cover some Current Events I caught on the net

  • Credit Card Debt drops 11% in 2011
  • Credit Card Debt dropped down another 7% in 2010
  • For a total reduction of 18% in 2 years.  HOORAY!!!  Now keep it going and reduce your debts even further.
  • How to save more cash
  1. How about get a second job
  2. Live on less than your full take-home pay
  3. I save 20% off the top and never miss it.  I did it when I was broke and single, too.  I worked a part-time job, about 40 hrs a week in addition to my salaried position.
  • Is a pension good enough to take the place of bonds, OR “Can I put all my other investments in stocks?”
  1. No, you cannot.  I can’t believe a moron at cnn.money said it’s okay if you want to buy 100% stocks.  As you get older, you should buy MORE conservative investments.
  • Doctors Going Broke
  1. Doctors aren’t as rich as you think, with many in private practice going broke and selling their practices to large organizations and hospitals.
  2. Many docs are bad at managing money, too.

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