Declaration of Independence From Sports

On this Super Bowl Sunday, the nation will be watching a football game.  I won’t.  I am officially declaring my independence from sports and focusing on my faith, family and home.  Sure, I will still have a passing interest in things, but I’m sick of the obsession with sports in our country.  We pay millions […]

Ep 183_Summer Report

Wow, summer is over. I’m back home and had a very productive summer vacation.  Today is simply a report of what we did and my unique perspective on vacation homes. In short,  We worked the whole time. Improvements included a new roof, ridge vent, window well, electrical outlets, switch and outlet plates installed, refinished closets, […]

July 23rd 2012: Update on the Bugout House

Hey guys,   Just wanted to give you an update on the Vacation/Bugout House.  Wow…what a summer.  Full of ups…and downs.  I can’t believe all I’ve gotten done on the vacation house, but it hasn’t been without its setbacks. Since last I left you, I was filling dumpsters with trash and finishing-up the master bath. […]

July 14th Dispatch. Keep the Faith

I am so VERY sorry my podcasts, updates, and site maintenance have been so infrequent lately. The reason, however, is solid.  I don’t have internet access at my home while construction/renovation continues.  What little I do have is on my iphone–hence, the typos and real lack of being able to do much.   But I’m […]

Ep 107: Interview With Bob Mayne

On today’s podcast, I interview Bob Mayne:  creator of Today’s Survival Show and Handgun World Podcasts.  Bob discusses many aspects of modern survival, including food, finances, community relations, self-defense, guns rights and freedom. Bob Mayne is many things, but at heart, he is a patriotic American with a passion for gun rights, individual freedoms and […]

Pinterest’s Own Site is Now Following Homestead Dividends

Best of Pinterest @Pinterbest is now following you (@hdivs).   Just got this email from pinterest.  The best of Pinterest (their own site) is now following us.  That’s cool. Check out my photos on pinterest.  I’ll keep pinning.    Send article as PDF   

Ep 066: When DIY Meets SHTF

Ep 066_When DIY Meets SHTF One BIG hole in my podcast library is discussing D-I-Y SHTF. If you’re not following me I mean: When you do a project yourself and you end up with a disaster.  SHTF (Stink Hitting The Fan) is never pretty.  Just the imagery alone is quite disgusting.  But here we are. […]

Ep 061: Veggies, Lawns, and Mortgages

Ep 061_Veggies, Lawns, Mortgages Today I clean-up on some articles I published/linked to over the last several days. I just annotate/discuss them a little and add a funny observation about life to round-out today’s podcast. My Pearl of Wisdom for the Week: Mainstream Media is just like junior high school: People who are different are […]

Lawn and Garden Care Calendar

I came across a couple of articles on lawn and garden maintenance from several websites. has a pretty comprehensive article. I read it and am passing it along.  Remember, if you wait too long, you’ll miss the calendar dates and throw everything off. READ ARTICLE BetterHomesCalendar–Read Article Me, personally…I’m not  “manicured lawn guy.”  I’m a […]

Most Miserable Cities

Forbes recently published an interesting article on the most miserable cities in America.  Near the top of the list: Miami. What does this tell you?  That you need to stop buying the hype the media and popular culture are pushing– of sunshine, swimming pools and palm trees.  Those things don’t necessarily equal happiness.  Further, the […]

From the Desk of Engineer Ray

The following is a message from Engineer Ray, my dad: Gardening is coming back to the US.  I still remember the “old” days when most families had a home garden and a few fruit trees (I was born in 1930).  There is NOTHING like going down to the garden with a salt shaker, picking a […]

Ep 056: Flashlights 202

Ep 056_Flashlights 202 Today we’re going to talk a little but about the importance of flashlights. Notice this episode is entitled Flashlights 202 and not 101…because this is not some basic, generic discussion…I’m giving you specific, relevant information. But before we do, I need to spend a minute and talk about my experience last night.  […]

Ep 055: A Mother Earth Oops, Plus Listener Email and a Follow-up.

Ep 055_ Mother Earth Oops, Listener I dig Mother Earth News and I will be singing the magazine’s praises in the near future.  In fact, I just received an issue and was as giddy as a schoolboy when it came.  It REALLY IS filled with valuable information. But even the BEST of magazines has an […]

Global Elites Meet In Davos, Switzerland Call Capitalism “Outdated” Nervous Of Future

Ahead of the World Economic Forum hosting the world’s economic elites, forum founder believes current capitalism model obsolete and “crumbling”.  He cites lack of moral and political leadership.  What does this mean? What it means for us couldn’t be clearer: When even the elites have lost their way, it’s time to prep and prep HARD.  […]

Ep 044: Clarification and a De-cluttering Insight

Ep 044_ Clarification and a de-cluttering insight I spend just a minute clarifying my position on an article on our leaving Iraq that was posted recently on CNN. In essence, I just can’t understand people who think that if we only occupied a country in the Middle East a little bit longer, everything would be […]

Ep 040: What a Riot Over Tennis Shoes Can Teach Us.

Ep 040_ What a Riot Over Tennis Shoes Can Teach Us So, Nike Came out with a new $190 pair of tennis shoes. They made them limited edition.  They released them two days before Christmas.  Then riots broke out.  No surprise here. This story is SO WRONG on so many different levels, it makes me […]

End-of-the-Year Episode Podcast

Dec 2011This episode will be short and sweet. It’s the end of 2011 and we’re at the beginning of 2012.  Where are you? Where are you financially? Where are you career-wise? Where are you with regard to your family? Where are you spiritually? Where are you preparedness-wise? ( i’m including here house, garden, preps, and […]

Episode 037: Some Ways to Fix Our Country

Episode 037_ Some Ways to Fix This Country My “US First” initiative. Everybody wants to play,”If I was in charge…” Today, I tell you what I’d do. They include:  No foreign nationals from countries that hate us allowed in:esp in colleges studying engineering, chemistry and nuclear physics Profiling foreign nationals from countries that hate us […]

Episode 036: 5 Home Improvements That Pay Off The Best

Today, I talk about some good renovation projects that pay you back.  Also, I am BLOWN AWAY with the response from my interview with Bob Mayne.  THANKS to all who listened and to all of of my new visitors.  Thanks for visiting and give me a try. Remodeling Magazine published a list of the top […]

Episode 038: Land, Corruption and Remodeling

Episode 038_Land, Corruption, and RemodelingI discuss the boom in farm land prices, next I make the connection to MF Global, and finally,I continue my previous talk on home improvement projects and the expected return on investment (ROI) Insight: In Iowa, farmland boom means end of an era for many A tractor is silhouetted on a […]