Ep189_ Life Lessons

Today’s show is about life lessons and three different and unrelated examples: 1. Bob Mayne Visit Today’s Survival Show and the Handgun World Podcast.  Both are on itunes.  Bob is going through a lot.  Pray for him and his family. His podcasts are excellent.  He has been a mentor to me and I wish him […]

Ep 180_Some helpful reminders, guns and vinegar

Before you forget, make a list of everything you needed to fix around the house you learned about over winter Plant permafood whenever you can Self-defense thought: don’t count on a gun for self-defense you haven’t tried out.  I’ll give you the perfect example The Ready Store has a great article on 20 uses for […]

What is aquaponic gardening?

LINK    Send article as PDF   

Native American Gardening: The Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, Squash

Mother Earth News ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

Why NOT To Use A Rototiller – And How To Have A Great Garden Without One.

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Ep 167_Listener Email: Starting Out W/ an Orchard

Today I tackle a listener’s email about starting out. Here’s his email: (from Ed) Hey it greats to listen to you every week now.  I found your show on the preppers podcast network (yes it was the show doomsday that got me interested but I have grown past that) and it is the one I […]

Fill-in With Permafood

I’m running out of space at our house for planting fruit trees. With the wife out of town, I planted a Valentine’s  gift for her: a pomegranate tree for her…and as she loves berries, I planted six berry plants. So with the new tree addition, I decided to fill-in with fruit bushes BETWEEN the trees […]

Ep 165_The Man Who Planted Trees

Today’s show is the story of the Man Who Planted Trees, by Jean Giono, on audio, read by myself.  Make a copy to listen to on a drive… But when you have a moment, watch the film version and enjoy. Today’s show is about a brighter tomorrow. I wish you peace. Ep 165_The Man Who Planted […]

Ep 164_Gardening, Gun Preps and Ideas

In Today’s show, I’ll cover some pressing issues I see for homeowners, preppers and sovereign individualists. First, It’s SEED CATALOG TIME.  Take a look at those seed and fruit tree catalogs and get some beauties started on your property. http://www.treesofantiquity.com/   Why you should get a hunting license RIGHT NOW even if you don’t intend […]

Overwintering Geraniums (from Martha Stewart & Home Depot)

OVERWINTERING GERANIUMS HOW-TO Martha Stewart has a great how-to on her Home Depot blog on how to save geraniums over the winter. Click on the link below for details. ALSO…sign-up for the Home Depot Garden Club and great gardening tips (and a few deals) will come your way. http://ext.homedepot.com/community/blog/home-depot-garden-club/martha-stewart/overwintering-geraniums-how-to/?cm_mmc=hd_email-_-GC_ID28_LTHD_MSLTHD_L07_L07_MSLTHD-_-20120905_GC_MSO_THD_WEST-_-hero_geraniums&et_rid=54282274    Send article as PDF   

Ep 135: From the Desk of Engineer Ray (My Dad)

It’s been about a hundred days since I last talked to you… Since then, the government spent an additional 300 billion dollars (conservatively) with no end in sight. They broke all the laws in passing the Obamacare plan into law, and the Supreme Court let them get away with it. Unemployment is much worse than […]

Ep 122: Apples

There are some amazing categories of apples out there.  Today’s episode discusses some of the most prominent ones. Additionally, I discuss vanishing heirloom apple varieties and the seed exchange which is dedicated to the preservation of these vanishing heirloom varieties. http://www.traxfarms.com/apple_variety_chart.html http://www.bestapples.com/varieties/index.aspx   Ep 122_ Mixed Bag    Send article as PDF   

Preserve Heirloom Apples w/ Seedsavers Exchange

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Attract Butterflies With These Plants

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Ep 121: Book Review: The Foxfire Book

This book review pays homage to old-school prepping, homesteading and survival.  All three of those components can be found within the pages of this book. You see, Eliot was a northeastern yankee who moved to Georgia to teach English.  Thinking he knew it all, he soon realized there was a lot to learn about the […]

Container Gardening Ideas

Guys, it isn’t even Memorial Day!!!  There’s plenty of time to make beautiful container gardens for your home.  While I tend towards the edibles, there’s plenty of room for in the yard for flowers and fruits.   Better Homes & Gardens has some great ideas worth checking-out.    Send article as PDF   

Ep 108: Fear of Homegrown Food

Don’t Fear Eating Your Own Food.  We are so programmed buying food from other sources that we become fearful of eating food NOT bought in a store.  It’s crazy but nonetheless true for many of us who’ve been brainwashed by modern society to think homemade is inferior or even dangerous. Remember: Your food is SAFER […]

Home Depot Gardening Club E-mail Includes $10 Coupon For Rain Harvesting System

Now, you have to be a member to get the coupon, but membership in the gardening club is free.    Send article as PDF   

Desert View of Spring on the Homestead

  Today is a video podcast.  I walk around the house and point out the major upgrade in the front little “secret garden” area.  I added irrigation, flowers, bushes, structure, and heaven knows what else. vid A vid B Let me know what you think   Sorry, folks, there’s a problem with the YouTube Embedding […]

Ep 100: The Thank You Episode

Ep_100 The Thank You Show– We celebrate 100 episodes of Homestead Dividends.  I put everything into perspective:  it’s about you. Thank you so much for listening, reading and following me.  You guys make it all worthwhile.  I wouldn’t do it if it isn’t for you. ALSO…please get involved.  Comment in a blog, join the forum, […]

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