A simple way to tackle the ammo shortage

Did you know that many walmarts put out their new shipments at 7:00 am?  There is usually a line and a 3 box limit. Do this several times and you can stock up. I got 3 boxes of  TULA 50 rounds of 9mm for $11.00 a box.

I can even get better grade ammo for a VERY reasonable price.

My Wal-Marts receive shipments and put them out at 7 Mon-Sat.   BUT MAYBE YOURS DOESN’T! No big deal…ask them when they DO stock their ammo.  Most stores have a routine time for putting out new stock.  Ask them and know for sure.  Give it a try.

A Listener told me that the sporting goods store Academy  (at least in his area) puts out ammo at 8 am.  Do you know when your supplier does the same?  You should know and be the early bird with a worm, or in this case, rounds of ammo.

It’s hit and miss, though.  Some days there’s 380, others, .45.  Be flexible and take three boxes of whatever you can use. It will balance out over time…and STAY POSITIVE.

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President’s Day–For those who can’t be at their ammo store of choice when they put out their stock, did you go today, President’s Day?

I did.  There was NOBODY there.  I picked up two 100 round boxes of winchester 9mm for $25. and a cheapie box of brass .380

NOBODY was there.  If you really want to stock up…there’s a way.

Don’t forget Saturdays if your 9-5 weekday job gets in the way of stocking up.

Are you prepping?



Guess what?  That hard-to-find .22 ammo…I picked it up by patiently and consistently going to you know where.

I brought my dad and got some.

This plan works, but you need to be committed to getting up early and getting it.

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