People Living in the Tunnels Under Vegas: OMG!

There is an amazing story in the SUN about people living in tunnels under the Las Vegas Strip. Shocking.  Amazing. Intriuging. ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

Colony Collapse Not a Problem in Cape May

30,000 bees in one attic.    Send article as PDF   

Solyndra: The Not-So-Green Company

Trashing perfectly good glass material, now avoiding toxic waste responsibilities   ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

Wind Farms Cause Global Warming?

Article    Send article as PDF   

EPA Official “Crucified” For Comments

The crucifixion has turned 180 degrees on EPA official   Article    Send article as PDF   

Are we in Late Great Depression

Financial expert claims we are.   READ    Send article as PDF   

Google a Serious Threat to Your Privacy

Did you know Google trucks patrolling the streets are data mining and pulling up all sorts of personal info on you to do God-knows-what? This isn’t a joke, friends.  It’s real and it’s a serious threat. ARTICLE ARTICLE 2 Article 3    Send article as PDF   

May Day Disruptions Planned by Occupy Movement

The socialist high holiday will be the reason for disruptions in the system. Pay close attention and identify weakness where you need to prepare should these things become common. Article Article 2    Send article as PDF   

Ep 105_Myths and Common Sense

Ep 105_Myths and Common Sense Common Prepper Myths are discussed and debunked.  Survival lists are useless without perspective and common sense. Some common myths discussed: You’ll bug out and be camping for most disasters Guns are the first and only need in a survival situation You can hide indefinitely You’ll be fine if some event […]

Secret Service Gets Chaperones

So the people entrusted with the lives of our most senior officials need chaperones to make sure they do their jobs professionally and responsibly.   ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

Housing Rebound to Take a Generation (or more)

Chicago Trib article interviews economist who thinks it could take a generation ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

Timber Framing Eco-Friendly and Dramatic; Off-Grid Living Discussed

ARTICLE In a related article,  off-grind pros and cons weighed READ    Send article as PDF   

Solar Energy Prices Come Down to Earth

Mother Earth News reports that solar energy is now more affordable than ever.   ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

Amino acids to help and heal

Mark Stengler, NMD, has identified Conditions for Which Amino Acids May Be Helpful from his pamphlet The Complete Guide to Healing Yourself Naturally: Arginine–high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, angina, impotence, wound healing, low sperm count Beta alanine–endurance, muscle mass GABA– anxiety, depression, seizures, hypertension, hyperactivity Glutamine–wound healing, inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut, syndrome L-ornithine–endurance, muscle […]

Britain: Double-Dip Recession

Britain hits hard times again ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

Panetta Spends Your Money on Weekend Trips to California Home

So, he works in Washington, but we PAY for him to fly to his California home every weekend. HE took the job in Washington.  He knew where he’d have to live.  This is ridiculous.  Shameful, pathetic. Make THIS clown pay for his weekend vacations. Does YOUR boss pay for you to travel to a vacation […]

National Parks Week: Free Admission

Backpacker Magazine honors National Parks Week (which features free admission thru the 29th) picks seven amazing itinerearies in some of the US’s greatest national parks.   Article    Send article as PDF   

No Show Today

Folks,   No show today.  A ton going on in my life the last 2 days/  May I recommend an episode you may not have listened to? Rant on Fear-Mongering Creeps    Send article as PDF   

Ep 104: Six House Repairs to Do

Ep 104_6 House Repairs to Do I found an  interesting article on six repairs/services to do on your house. I add my own spin on these in my podcast. Carpet cleaning Dryer vent cleaning–add a “T” junction to access the ductwork and clean out. Power washing and sealing wood deck Termite inspection Chimney inspection Annual […]

Ep 103: Private Vault Heist

Ep 103_Private Vault Heist A private vault company was robbed here in Las Vegas this week. Here’s where it gets interesting. The company has no records of who you are. They don’t know and don’t want to know who you are. Your account is anonymous and you use your retina (eye) to enter the place. […]