Ep 074: Bread Machines

Ep 074_ Bread Machines Bread machines are a wonderful devices for those not afraid of a good carb once in a while. I know, carbs are all bad and protein saves the world.  Well, maybe.  I know that excessive carbs are fattening and bad, but what about healthy whole grain bread fresh from your home […]

Ep 073: Mixed Bag: Remodeling, Affordable Housing, Cheaper Coins

Ep 073_Mixed Bag Remodeling Remodeling Magazine had an interesting article showing trends in who remodels, why, and how much. It also Mentions the top 100 markets for remodeling in 2012.  The top ten on their list are Houston Minneapolis Dallas Austin, TX Cleveland Denver Columbus Seattle Kansas City Portland What kinds of projects are high […]

Ep 072: Crock Pot Cooking

Ep 072_Crock Pot Cooking Crock Pots are an absolute MUST in our household.  Some people just don’t get them.  Some people do.  A slow cooker is one of the BEST WAYS to combat fast food/junk food.  And I’ll show you why. Slow and long becomes instant.  The fact that you set a crockpot and forget […]

Cnn’s Money Advice

CNN’s Money 101 is a list of things to do to get your fiscal house in order. I’ll probably be podcasting on some of these financial current events in the neatr future.  Read    Send article as PDF   

Ep 071: Used Up

Ep 071_Used Up On Wednesday I picked-up my wife at the airport.  As I left the car to greet her and welcome her home from her trip, she looked me over and with a dismissive tone asked,”What happened to your hoodie?” So much for the warm hello, I felt like a goofball. The hoodie had […]

Ep 070: Stealth Living…An Extension of Stealth Prepping

What if you were in a decent financial position? OR even if you weren’t? What if you were in a position where you could easily move up to a bigger home in a nicer area with a high end reputation?And what if you did JUST the opposite? Or you stayed in a modest house your […]

Ep 069: Stealthy Prepping:What Others Shouldn’t Know

Ep 069_Stealthy Prepping Stealthy prepping is emergency preparedness that is done on the down-low…keeping a low profile about your prepping and keeping your business your business. Today’s show is not about hiding your valuables from others and neglecting your moral obligation to help others in need. For various reasons, some people cannot or should not […]

Ep 068: Emergency Evacuation Bags

Ep 068_Emergency Evacuation bags It’s time to talk about emergency preparedness.  Today’s topic is the bug out bag or as I like to call the the EBB (Emergency Evacuation Bag) The are MANY solid, sane reasons for having an EEB.  First off, if even the clueless government is asking people to have them, well, maybe […]

Ep 067: Home Improvement Disasters

Ep 067_Home Improvement Disasters Home Improvement Horror Stories…kind of.  These stories are about  pros and Joes who ruined the job.  Remember, sometimes you can do a better job than they can if you have the skills. Since I podcasted DIY SHTF, I thought this would be fun topic to cover.  Expect a podcast compiling these […]

Ep 066: When DIY Meets SHTF

Ep 066_When DIY Meets SHTF One BIG hole in my podcast library is discussing D-I-Y SHTF. If you’re not following me I mean: When you do a project yourself and you end up with a disaster.  SHTF (Stink Hitting The Fan) is never pretty.  Just the imagery alone is quite disgusting.  But here we are. […]

Homestead Dividends Gets Blog Award!!!

Dan at thedailyprep.com gives me one of his coveted blog awards. Thanks, Dan! Watch the Video    Send article as PDF   

Ep 065: Current Events/Mixed Bag

EP 065_Current Events Mixed Bag Financial crisis seems to be on everyone’s mind. Today we discuss: My diy video disaster The welfare state Financial crisis in Greece Foreclosure/financial crisis at home World Bank warns of impending doom Just how dependent we are on government aid Things to stock-up on Local Currencies Suffice it to say, […]

How to build a decorative planter with wood and concrete block

Watch This is the WORST frickin D-I-Y video ever made. I had NO idea my Iphone didn’t autocorrect when shooting video.  It autocorrects watching videos, etc…so imagine my surprise when I download this diy film and is’t all upside down!  Just shoot me.  Geeeesh! Anyway I build a decorative planter in the shady corner of […]

Americans View China as Leading Economic Power

Perceived as true, but not true. READ Did you know the US of A is still # 1, perception aside? Read It’s true.  We’re the leading economic power in the world despite perception.  If Americans don’t wake up, they WILL surpass us. An excerpt from the CNN article: It’s clear that all is not well […]

Ep 064: Sugar Ain’t So Sweet

Ep 064_Sugar Ain’t So Sweet I’ve included a little report from my dad’s desk, but I have a lot more to say about sugar and cancer. From the Desk of Engineer/Veteran Ray: Most of us homesteaders are aware of the effect too much sugar in our diets has.  But just as a reminder to us, […]

Why We Prepare: Current Events

Iranian nuclear physicists assassinated. Israelis targeted. Jewish people and organizations targeted in US. Now I really prep for natural disasters, but uncertainty of the man-made type abounds as well.  It seems that there are always new reasons to prepare, defend, and homestead. The only thing that doesn’t change is the need to prepare, defend, and […]

New Life for VHS & Camcorder Tapes

Review of the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD data converter Happy Valentine’s Day. Love is family and memories.  What is a better thing to do than save old memories and carry them forward?  Now you can.  Your old camcorder and vhs tapes…and cassette tapes, and albums… can now be easily converted. If you’re like me, […]

Welcome to the New Site

Sometimes, simplicity is best. I removed all of the distractions to focus on content.  My back-up sites have those advertisers if you need seeds or supplies, but I will not be focusing on that right now.  I will be focusing on you.  Tell me if you like the change…or not.  Your feedback is appreciated.    […]

What to Plant and When

Mother Earth News’ sister publication, Natural Home and Garden, has an article worth reading. One deals with how and when to plant to have a year-round garden. Mother Earth News’ What to Plant Now is another  MUST read. I’m always trying to give you guys the best content and a reason to smile. As always, […]

Ep063: Why Welfare States Fail

Ep 063_Failure of the Welfare State Editing Note: This episode was re-recorded and in several parts.  Sorry the editing is choppy/bad.  With the wife at work and bath night among the things going on, it was a “real” episode. I have no interest in attacking people on welfare.  I have no interest in attacking people […]