From the Desk of Engineer Ray

The following is a message from Engineer Ray, my dad: Gardening is coming back to the US.  I still remember the “old” days when most families had a home garden and a few fruit trees (I was born in 1930).  There is NOTHING like going down to the garden with a salt shaker, picking a […]

Ep 057: Review of Making the Best of Basics–James Talmage Stevens

Ep 057_Review of Making the Best of Today I review James Talmage Stevens’ Making The Best of Basics. It’s considered the bible of homesteading and family preparedness: Now over 750,000 volumes sold. Here’s the review: It starts with a preparedness quiz on the inside cover–take it It has 17 chapters and two appendices The appendices […]

Goldman Sachs Makes 1 billion in profit…average employee made $367,000. IMF Preparing…

So the criminals of Wall Street high finance are back in black to the tune of over 1 billion in profits.  Even more heartwarming, the average employee made $367,057..DOWN from $430,700. Do you REALLY think these people care about you? Do you Really think these people are grounded in reality? Do you REALLY think they […]

Make A Compact Tool Storage Unit to Organize the Garage/Workshop

This is a great little unit, but you’ll need decent woodworking skills to get it done.  Read    Send article as PDF   

Furnace Fixes to Save You Money

Look into these eight suggestions from The Family Handyman and see if they save you money.    Send article as PDF   

Global Warming Over–Ice Age to Begin?

UK newspaper suggests that all of our theories on global warming may be wrong and that an ice age may be sooner than you think.  ARTICLE    Send article as PDF   

How to Afford Better Quality Food

Mother Earth News has an interesting article on how to afford better quality food.  As I try on the weekends to always add content for you to enjoy, here’s one  for you today.  Happy Saturday.   Read.    Send article as PDF   

Ep 056: Flashlights 202

Ep 056_Flashlights 202 Today we’re going to talk a little but about the importance of flashlights. Notice this episode is entitled Flashlights 202 and not 101…because this is not some basic, generic discussion…I’m giving you specific, relevant information. But before we do, I need to spend a minute and talk about my experience last night.  […]

HD is taking Thursday off

Due to the arrival of family, and an insane evening at the airport which included roadblocks, road closures, a presidential convoy and my dad’s plane being re-routed to California until Obama’s plane landed and was taken care of–it was a brutal night.  I’m tired, grouchy, and will regret anything I say tonight.  I’ll catch you […]

Ep 055: A Mother Earth Oops, Plus Listener Email and a Follow-up.

Ep 055_ Mother Earth Oops, Listener I dig Mother Earth News and I will be singing the magazine’s praises in the near future.  In fact, I just received an issue and was as giddy as a schoolboy when it came.  It REALLY IS filled with valuable information. But even the BEST of magazines has an […]

Ep 054: HOA Pros and Cons

Ep 054_ HOA Pros n Cons We discuss HOAs ( Homeowner’s Associations) HOAs: Create and enforce rules CC&R (covenants, conditions, restrictions) Collects maintenance dues usually nonprofit, but hire a management firm to do the work maintain community consistency, conformity, capital improvements Esp tree/lawn care May have pools, parks, playgrounds, clubhouses, golf courses, tennis courts, basketball […]

Ep 053: Don’t Be That Guy

Ep 053_Dont Be That Guy This episode is about putting your family first. It’s so obvious, but it’s like this: Food Clothing Shelter Yeah, the basics.  It’s so basic that I can’t believe I even have to do this episode. Folks, you have to take care of basics first.  Family, and the care of them, […]

Global Elites Meet In Davos, Switzerland Call Capitalism “Outdated” Nervous Of Future

Ahead of the World Economic Forum hosting the world’s economic elites, forum founder believes current capitalism model obsolete and “crumbling”.  He cites lack of moral and political leadership.  What does this mean? What it means for us couldn’t be clearer: When even the elites have lost their way, it’s time to prep and prep HARD.  […]

Has “The Establishment” Been Trying To Pick Republican Nominee?

Without tipping my hand in politics, I wanted to make an observation about the Republican primaries and the media.  It seems the Washington Power Elite, both liberals and conservatives alike, have ordained Romney the winner and have consistently promoted his campaign.  When Romney won Iowa, it was big news and treated like the coronation of […]

Prepper Article Hits Mainstream

Reuters has an article about survivalism and prepping.  Don’t expect prepping to be put in the best of light, but awareness is a start. article      Send article as PDF   

This Just In: Butter/Fat Bad For You

The Deen-Bourdain Fat/Grease/Butter battle.  (They both do it, by the way…”it” being use fat, butter, and grease in their dishes) One of the South’s devoted divas of grease and fatty cooking, Paula Deen, has been under attack for her unhealthy cooking and her promotion of said butter/grease-laden dishes. Her outspoken opponent–Anthony Bourdain–A condescending, Northeastern liberal  […]

Ep 052: It’s Personal

Ep 052_Its Personal   Wanna know the reason I am the way that I am? Why is a well taken care of house so darn important? In this episode, I discuss why having a nice home that is well-maintained is so personal and painful. I grew up in a family where a large house on […]

Ep 051: Intervied By Jack Spirko on TSP

Ep 051_interview W Jack Spirko 1   This episode is a rebroadcast of an interview I recently did with Jack Spirko from The Survival Podcast.  The interview was conducted last week and aired yesterday.  Please visit Jack Spirko’s website for all the details and his bio on me.   Because many of you are HERE […]


Thanks for stopping by and listening. I had a great time talking with Jack.  The interview was great and I hope you guys enjoyed it, too.  In parts, I thought it was actually funny…and funny is hard to do on a podcast. Also,  if you download any episodes and I sound like I am either […]

Ep 050: Current Events

 Ep 050_Current Events   Today I cover some Current Events I caught on the net Credit Card Debt drops 11% in 2011 Credit Card Debt dropped down another 7% in 2010 For a total reduction of 18% in 2 years.  HOORAY!!!  Now keep it going and reduce your debts even further. How to save more […]